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October 10, 2009

More Birthday Cakes

In reviewing my blog I noticed I never posted with my boy's birthday cakes. I don't know that you care, but I love to share!

The baby turned one. It has become tradition to do a Baseball cake. Not fancy, but we enjoyed it!

The little dude turned 6. He wanted a Transformers birthday. I cut out a stencil of the Autobots sign. Looked up the colors. Made the colors. Decorated. Looked at the example, and realized I did the colors backwards. Red should have been on bottom. I don't know how I managed to mess that up. Luckily, little dude didn't care, and everyone still knows it's the autobots sign. And it tasted GREAT!

Big dude wanted a Harry Potter Party. We actually had two parties, one without a theme for family. And one Harry Potter Party with friends. Here's the no theme cake. Sprinkles and candles.
I had fun with the food ideas for the Harry Potter Party.
We had Magic Wand Pretzels (Log Pretzels dipped in white and dark chocolate with sprinkles on the end). We set up jars with Candy for Honeydukes. There was Berttie Bott's Every Flavor Bean (Jelly Bellies), Gummy Lizards, Chocolate Covered Cockroaches (choc. covered cinnamon bears), and Sour Worms (sour gummy worms). We also had Butter Beer. The cake was Wizard Hat cupcakes. Those were fun to make. The kids ate the cones first, and then couldn't finish the cupcake! That was great! I can't find where I saved the Butter Beer recipe. I did and on-line search and found quite a few ideas. If I find the recipe I used, I will post it.

Our Birthday cakes! YEAH!! Until next summer!

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