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October 23, 2009


Okay... time to announce the winners of our Star Wars Food Ideas and Giveaway. I am a little disappointed in my readers. I was expecting a bigger response. I need to increase my reader base. So tell all your friends about this site. I will have to add some extra entries for telling your friends about my next giveaway. So... this giveaway... the winners are:

The boys voted for their favorite food and name and:

Amber- ID said...
I'm sure you have heard this one, living in Idaho and all. I've seen it on t-shirts. But since I haven't seen it yet... Darth Tater.

Tonight we are going to have a Darth Tater Bar. I will post details of the toppings in my next post! picked #8

Half A Dozen said... Chewbacca Noodle Soup (I came up with this one on my own)

And #10:

Jenna-UT said...
OK- here's one you probably all ready heard, since it's in a Star Wars Cook Book. Hon- Burgers. I thought that was clever!

Congrats! Now, it's first come, first serve. Again you can pick from-

* A set of Star Wars crayons and mini Star Wars notepad.

* 10% off your total Pampered Chef order coupon (redeemable only through me).

* A Pampered Chef kids gift set (put together by me- My Safe Cutter; Cut-N-Seal; Stoneware Heart Mold; and a reusable Pampered Chef Shopping Bag) valued at about $20.

Thanks for participating! Stay tuned for the next giveaway. I received my package today from My Blog Spark. This is going to be SO COOL!!! And tell your friends to come check me out too!


Amber-ID said...

I don't know why your boys thought I was the most creative. I got it off a shirt I've seen in many stores.

I want the Pampered Chef Kids Set. We aren't really into Star Wars (since we only have two girls 3 & under). And I all ready have a host discount through PC and you!

Thanks for the giveaway! Sorry more people didn't enter. I will let more people know about your site. And I'm looking forward to your next giveaway. You sound REALLY excited!

Half A Dozen said...

I'll take the 10% off coupon, if it's still available. I have been out of town. We have that Darth Tater shirt, the boys love it!

Now to read all your posts that I have missed.