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January 14, 2009

Freezer Meals

These are really good recipes, they are restaraunt style dinners. Last night I made Dijon Chicken Noodle Toss. The combination of ingredients isn't exactly what I would have made, but it tasted GREAT!! I started making it at 5:45, and was done by 6:05! How cool, 20 minutes! And my boys ate it without complaining! Jeff didn't complain, but he didn't eat much either. But... There's enough for leftovers another night! Even better. Two nights of dinner for only 20 minutes of work. My kind of cooking.

Tonight I am going to try Zesty Beef Tacos. I am sure they will be fast, easy, and yummy! And... Let's see the ingredients and cost:

Chicken: $2, Crm. Chkn. Soup: $0.94, Sour Cream: $0.66, Ham: $0.70, Rotini: $1.12, Total Cost: $5.42; Servings: 8 That's only $1.47 per serving! Add some fruit and a glass of milk and you have a complete meal! WOW!!! Okay, let's try the tacos now-

Ground Beef: $1.98, Salsa: $1.50, Tomato Paste: $0.53, Taco Seasoning: $0.42, Taco Shells: $1.90, Toppings-Cheese, Lettuce, tomatoes: $3; Total Cost: $9.33; Servings: 6; That's only $1.55 per serving. Add some orange wedges with a yogurt dressing and a glass of milk. You have a complete meal! WOW Again!!! I LOVE THIS!

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